Wrap-Up Insurance

At Modab Insurance Services, we offer personalized Wrap-Up plans to protect owners, contractors, and other stakeholders in a construction project all across the U.S.

A Wrap-Up plan is a consolidated insurance program, in which a controlling entity (typically the general contractor or owner) purchases an insurance policy covering all the trades working on the job site. At Modab Insurance Services, we offer project-specific Wrap-Up insurance policies nationwide, custom-tailored to suit your individual needs.


Our Wrap-Up insurance programs typically involve three entities:

  • Program sponsor- the entity that buys the policy
  • Insurance agent- brokers the program for the insurance carrier
  • Wrap-Up administrator- handles all of the information related to the Wrap-Up program

Elements of a Wrap-Up Insurance Program

Identification of Financial Risks

This encompasses identifying and managing the financial implications of a Wrap-Up program, including:

  • Losses/Cost Savings – More claims translate to losses for the sponsor, whereas fewer claims leads to cost savings.
  • Collateral – It refers to assets that serve as security against future liability. As the program sponsor, you will be required to provide a collateral to avail of the program’s loss funds.

Claims Management

To minimize the stress of handling insurance claims, program sponsors often hire a TPA (Third Party Administrator) to handle claims management tasks. The claims management process includes:

  • Selection of the insurance carrier(s), negotiation of the insurance coverages and terms, and identification of responsibilities
  • Hiring an effective Wrap-Up Administration team to handle the voluminous paperwork
  • Coordinating the handling of outstanding claims with the insurance carrier and the agent
  • Crafting a feasible Return-to-Work program
  • Creating cost-saving protocols for the loss fund

Coverage Offered under Wrap-Up Insurance

  • Workers’ Compensation Covers medical benefits and wage replacement when an employee suffers a work-related injury, illness, or death
  • General Liability Covers property damage and bodily injury claims that emanate from your operations, services, and products
  • Employers’ Liability Covers your legal expenses in case of negligence lawsuits relating to occupational diseases or work-related injuries
  • Excess/ Umbrella Liability This is an additional liability insurance policy that covers claim amounts exceeding your underlying insurance policies’ limits

Optional Coverage

  • Builders’ Risk (All Risk) – Covers damage to buildings that are under construction
  • Environmental Liability – Covers environmental obligations and expenses that you may incur while working on your project
  • Asbestos Abatement – Protects asbestos abatement contractors from third-party property damage and bodily injury claims, emanating from the release of asbestos
  • Efficacy/ Force Majeure/Delay – This coverage compensates for the costs that come with delays or termination of a contract due to events a contractor can’t control
  • Architects & Engineers Errors & Omissions – Protects design professionals from claims relating to the errors and omissions they’ve made in their work

Wrap-Up Program at Modab Insurance Services

With a collective experience of more than 200 years and thousands of clients served, our team of expert professionals at Modab Insurance Services, offers true end-to-end risk management solutions for a wide range of construction projects and other related services all over the U.S. Our Wrap-Up plans ensure:

  • Broader Coverage- We insure all the parties involved in a project, from contractors to developers and building owners.
  • Safety- The work site is made safer thanks to uniform and coordinated safety standards to be followed by all contractors involved in a project.
  • Lower Costs- Our Wrap-Up programs help you benefit from volume discounts.
  • Increased Profits – Due to lower insurance costs, you can save more on your projects, thus enjoying a higher ROI.

At Modab Insurance Services,  we offer project-specific Wrap-Up insurance policies all across the United States, custom-tailored to suit your project’s specific needs. Contact us today to get started on your customized policy.


A Wrap-Up Exclusion implies that a contractor’s insurance carrier won’t insure them whenever they are working on Wrap-Up projects.

An OCIP is an owner-sponsored Wrap-Up insurance program, whereas a CCIP is a contractor-sponsored Wrap-Up insurance program.

With an OCIP, the owner pays the premium and manages the program elements. Conversely, with a CCIP, the contractor pays the premium and manages the program elements.

At Modab Insurance Services, we’ll design a Wrap-Up insurance program that suits your project’s specific needs. Contact us today to get started on your customized policy.

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